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The services I provide are tailored to your specific needs:


Set up of Chart of Accounts:  Create your Chart of Accounts and General Ledgers for your business entity in Quickbooks. 


Bank Reconciliation:   Reconciling your business checking account each month allows me to keep your account numbers up-to-date.  You can identify how your business is doing and manage your cash flow more effectively.


Data Entry:  Data entry is not just entering numbers.  I will classify and code your business transactions to the appropriate account.  These transactions affect the accuracy of your Profit and Loss report as well as your Balance Sheet.  It’s important these transactions are correctly entered.


Credit Card Reconciliation:  Reconcile your business credit card to ensure expenses are taken and payments are properly recorded.



Catch up and/or clean up:  If your books are behind, or you have recently discovered some bookkeeping errors, I can assist you in catching up on your bookkeeping and/or cleaning up entries.


Invoicing:  Invoice customers for services rendered or products purchased.


Accounts Receivable:  Record customer payments and prepare deposits.  At your request, I can provide you with up-to-date reports on outstanding invoices.


Accounts Payable:  Record invoices to be paid, pay and process invoices. 


Financial Reports:  Per client request, provide regular financial reporting to owner/management.


Office Administration:  I have experience in a wide array of administrative areas related to running/managing a business.



Automotive repair  - Property management - Real estate - Consumer service businesses

Bar and restaurants  - Foster homes - Landscaping - Chiropractic care - Contractors - and More! 


"Working with Sue Harris for my bookkeeping needs has been a perfect fit! She is quick, efficient and most importantly accurate. Even though she is 375 miles away from me, I get all the help I need by phone and online.

I can easily scan/email documents and utilizing QuickBooks online allows us both to see and work on

my information! I highly recommend her to everyone

I know!" -  Julie Lindholm, Owner, Lindholm Creative



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